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Earthy tones and slow fashion

It is no surprise that homogenous colors pop up when googling slow fashion, capsule wardrobe, minimalism, or ethical closet. Earthy tones such as whites, blacks, browns, navy, greys, denim, and charcoals are those that typically fit the ethical wardrobe. 

Slow fashion is a movement focused on improving sustainability by including various actors along the value chain, including designers, producers, buyers, retailers, and consumers. Slow fashion means producing pieces using high-quality fabrics, trim lines, local productions, and providing fair labor conditions within the production system.  It is no surprise that there are many campaigns nowadays to switch to sustainable or greener fabrics or higher awareness on transparency, traceability, and sustainability standards. However, slow fashion is not only a matter of the production process but also about social practices. How many of us are queueing and buying things impulsively on Black Friday?

From the consumer side, slow fashion means encouraging consumers to be mindful about their purchasing. It is becoming more concerned about the impacts on society and the environment and about consuming more consciously. It is a holistic movement: design planning, sourcing, production process, purchasing, and consumption. 

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The prevalence relationship between earth tones and slow fashion is coming with reasons. First, those colors match with everything else you have, which makes it easier for you to live with less, and eventually shop less. Second, it is easier to do mix and match with those colors. It will not be surprising that only having ten pieces of clothing combined with a sneaker or a loafer can provide you with ten different styles for ten days. Third, for a practical reason, uniform styles make it easier to pull together a look in a short duration of time. Additional accessories such as bracelets, necklaces, rings, or sunglasses will make your outfit stand out. Even a small clutch can make you look freaking gorgeous. Fourth, when the neutral tones are combined with better-quality fabrics, they will bring you timeless and versatile pieces. 

However, how if I fond of pink or yellow so much? Does it mean that I should switch and stick only into earth tones all the time? Here is the point: earth tones are only one of many ways to practice slow fashion. The critical point is not solely on the colors, and you should not sacrifice your style. It is also understandable that color is not only about personal matters, but also something cultural and political. There is even a typical assumption that bright tones are related to freedom while neutral colors symbolize slavery. 

The key point is on consuming in a more conscious way. It is okay if you want to wear bright colors as long as you find your reason why you buy them which is not only for the sake of trend reasons.

Last but not least, comfort is everything! Only put on pieces that make you feel comfortable 🙂

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